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Fast Five Reader Survey Report: Deep dive into the Fast Five

A little more than two years ago, CUCCIO took over management of the Fast Five: IT News – a collection of five news stories available online and affecting CUCCIO members, sourced over the previous week.

Founded by Mark Roman – former principle at 22over7 Consulting, and current CIO at Simon Fraser and President of the CUCCIO Board of Directors – the Fast Five has helped unite the CUCCIO community, helping members stay abreast of relevant news and trends, and connect with one another.

In 2015, we took strides to improve the Fast Five, with focus on increasing member engagement and continuing to refine the types and relevance of Fast Five content.

And because the Fast Five is curated for you, our readers, we wanted to hear from you.

In fall 2015, we distributed a Fast Five reader survey. This was your opportunity to weigh in on how you engage with the weekly blast, and what types of content you like / dislike most.

Survey finding highlights included:

  • Of the 78 respondents who completed the survey, the most common job title was IT Practitioner (30%), followed closely by CIO (26%).
  • 91% of the respondents indicated that they found the Fast Five useful or very useful, with roughly one-third suggesting they would like to see new types of content (29%).
  • A similar percentage of respondents (30%) indicated that they have used the Fast Five to reach out and make connections to their colleagues across the country – from offering congratulations on a recent success story, to asking for more information on specific projects or initiatives highlighted in the Fast Five.
  • According to those surveyed, the most valuable content is the release of new strategic plans (97%), followed closely by new and updated policies (90%). Learning from each other continues to be of significant value to the community.
  • Topics rated lower by readers included promotional campaigns and new vendor / organization relationship announcements.

Supported by the following anecdotal feedback, we are encouraged that readers are using the Fast Five to connect with one another:

  • “I’ve contacted several institutions to get details on outsourced email strategy and policies.”
  • “Seeing another institution had completed a project of interest allowed me to reach out to them to get details on how they did it. I have also reached out to congratulate others on successes.”
  • “I use it to connect my staff with new ideas and people.”
  • “On several occasions, I've asked CUCCIO members for contact info at their institution to follow up for more detail. I've also stolen good ideas outright from time to time.”
  • “I've emailed authors of specific items for either more information or to share ideas engendered by their post.”
  • “I’ve followed-up on implementation details or specifics with respect to a reported item that might be useful or applicable to our own campus.”

Feedback specific to the types of content you appreciate receiving most via the Fast Five has helped us fine-tune our approach and source content specific to our readers. Comments suggesting specific types of content included:

  • “I’d like to see more information about learning technologies (including LMS and social media use) support strategies, as well as more information about enterprise data management strategies.”
  • “Beyond institutional items, I’d like to see key reports from other areas / jurisdictions related to IT.”
  • “I'd love to see a little more info presented that reflects the non-centralized aspects of it (i.e., at a department, research centre or medical school level).”
  • “I’d like to see more ed tech.”
  • “Updates on multi-university collaborative efforts or initiatives would be great to see. Where are groups of members pursuing shared service solutions, for example?”

We continue to work to incorporate this feedback into how we compile and distribute the Fast Five. We are also very interested in receiving your feedback into our broader organizational communications, including articles such as the one on teaching and learning technologies in this edition of Connector.

Any CUCCIO member can submit a story to be included in the Fast Five – it’s a great way to shed light on the excellent work you’re doing, and to make meaningful connections with other members. Simply email our Fast Five editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can also check out our Fast Five blog page here, or subscribe to the Fast Five here.