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Preview – CUCCIO Resource Paper: Alternative Sourcing Models at Three Canadian PSE Institutions

No matter the location or size of your campus, if you’re a higher ed institution in Canada, chances are you’re currently engaged in conversations around the cloud – and what it means for your department, your institutions and your users.

And if you attended CAUBO in Saint John or CANHEIT in Fredericton this past June, you may have heard Bob Cook, Bo Wandschneider and Mark Roman’s panel on alternative sourcing models at the University of Toronto, Queen’s University and the University of Saskatchewan.

Building on that panel content, these three CUCCIO member CIOs are currently working together to frame up a CUCCIO resource paper, to help further the conversation around alternative sourcing models in Canadian higher ed IT.

The goal of the paper will be less to identify the best sourcing solution(s), and more to identify the key themes and criteria that all Canadian higher ed institutions should consider when evaluating the ideal sourcing solution.

The potential themes and criteria for inclusion in this discussion are many and complex. To give a brief preview, consider the following 9 tips:

  1.     Prepare for a budget model shift, from cap-ex to op-ex
  2.     “One size fits none” – each institution must find a strategy that works for them
  3.     Outsource what you understand, so that you can negotiate contracts properly
  4.     Privacy and security are key; bake them into your RFP process to test vendors
  5.     Engage your community and make sure you have senior leadership buy-in
  6.     In making your case, speak to the risks of NOT adopting the new solution (they often outweigh the risks associated with the move)
  7.     Consider the legal implications of adopting the solution(s)
  8.     Beware of any potential cultural / political implications on campus
  9.     And if you fail, try something new

Whether pursuing a private, off-campus cloud solution, a community cloud, a hybrid cloud or a public cloud solution, CIOs often recognize that the process of identifying the best sourcing model for a higher ed institution is complex.

This paper will aim to highlight the breadth of issues CUCCIO members consider as higher ed IT leaders, which also affect their colleagues in administrative and academic roles.

If you are interested in learning more about this resource paper, or getting involved in the discussion around alternative sourcing models, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..