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Member Benefits

Supporting IT leaders in higher education

CUCCIO is the only organization of its kind in Canada, allowing IT leaders in higher education to convene, share information and discuss possible solutions that are relevant to IT in the university environment. This is a generous, open community of individuals with a range of skills and experiences – and who share a common purpose. Professional development and networking opportunities are also extended to the broader IT teams of member universities.

Opportunities to connect include face-to-face meetings three times per year, including the annual CANHEIT conference; access to a robust SharePoint portal that serves as a repository for information and a collaboration space; access to Special Interest Groups; and a myriad of professional development opportunities.

Helping member universities embrace best practices in IT efficiently and effectively

Information technology is essential to every university in Canada – we rely on it each and every day to teach, learn, research, manage and communicate. Our members spend hundreds of millions of dollars on IT at universities. CUCCIO helps Canada’s IT leaders in higher education to drive IT effectiveness and innovation – for the benefit of students, teachers, researchers and administrators.

CUCCIO highlights best practices, identifies opportunities to collaborate among universities and other national stakeholders, collects benchmarking and measurement data for our sector, enhances relationships with vendors and explores join procurement opportunities.

Helping to drive research and learning in Canada through IT innovation

As Canada’s only community of IT leaders in higher education, we help to drive research and learning in Canada through IT innovation. We are actively engaged at the national level, providing advice to federal stakeholders on matters of IT in research and learning, and our members serve on national bodies such as the Board of Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE).

Benefits at a Glance


IT professionals in higher educationMember universitiesNational stakeholders
  • Networking opportunities with peers who share common issues and interests
  • A forum to seek and share solutions and best practices
  • An opportunity to focus on the big picture in a purposeful way
  • Comparative information about my own IT organization for internal planning purposes and validation
  • Collaborative action to save time and money and increase productivity
  • An opportunity to help shape and benefit from the common voice for IT in higher education in Canada
  • A sense of community and support
  • Access to Canada’s IT leaders in higher education
  • Easy access to best practices and comparative data for planning purposes
  • Support to learning and research through IT effectiveness and innovation
  • An opportunity to save both time and money in the development and implementation of new or enhanced IT products and services
  • A systematic way to help optimize opportunities in IT and mitigate issues based on information sharing
  • The development of a network that could help provide access to skilled IT talent, when needed
  • A common voice to promote an understanding of the issues and opportunities with IT in higher education in Canada
  • Confidence in a recognized national body focused on   moving the IT agenda forward in higher education in Canada
  • Assurance that Canada’s research and teaching agendas are proactively being supported by IT


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