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CUCCIO undertakes initiatives with a purpose for members and with national and international stakeholders.


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By Members

CUCCIO’s network of IT leaders and staff in higher education across Canada and our established communications infrastructure allow for seamless collaboration among members who wish to explore specific topics more deeply on their own. CUCCIO provides support to these member-led initiatives through:

  • Special Interest Groups: Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a formal mechanism to address an area or subject of common interest to CUCCIO members. Each special interest group has a primary member representative (normally a CIO) designated as the group's sponsor and a volunteer chair who coordinates the activity of the group, including defining desired outcomes and potential deliverables. Participation in SIGs is open to any employee of a member university. Please see our Special Interest Groups page for more information.
    • Roundtables and hot-topic discussions: Ample time is reserved at each member meeting for roundtable and hot-topic discussions chosen by members. This provides an opportunity for members to discuss topical issues of a common interest. CUCCIO may also arrange for outside experts to join the conversation. CUCCIO members place a great deal of value on this opportunity to discuss, debate and test new ideas – and to learn from one another.
      • Facilitated discussions between meetings: CUCCIO’s member portal and listservs are used to connect members between meetings. They provide a connection between member representatives as well as individuals responsible for specific functions within member universities. With the objective of providing participants the ability to discuss issues and learn from their colleagues across the country in a variety of ways, tools such as the listservs and the member portal help to build and sustain the CUCCIO community.