Representing CANADA'S
in Higher Education

CUCCIO undertakes initiatives with a purpose for members and with national and international stakeholders.


Simon Fraser University
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CUCCIO undertakes an annual planning process to identify the projects and initiatives to undertaken during the year. Using a set of criteria aimed at ensuring value for its members, the Board approves an annual work plan for the organization.   These same criteria are used to assess projects or initiatives presented during the year that may require an additional financial or time investment.

When assessing opportunities the Board will consider the following:

  • Will the project or initiative deliver value to the members and in what timeframe?
  • Is the issue or project within the sphere of influence of the CIO and therefore within the sphere of influence of CUCCIO?
  • Is the issue best addressed at a collective level?
  • Is there someone or some other organization else already addressing it or better placed to address it?              
  • Will or could there be a negative impact on our members if the issue is not addressed?
  • Do we actually have the ability and capacity to undertake the project and have an impact?
  • Does the project or activity align with or directly support one of our strategic objectives?
  • If an "in year" project, what is the implication to the annual operational plan?