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Standing Committees

Standing committees are accountable to the Board, consider matters that fall within their specific areas of responsibility, and bring recommendations to the Board for decision.

Governance and Nominations

The Governance and Nominations Committee:

  • Reviews the structure, terms of reference and operations of the Board and its committees and recommends to the Board any amendments to said structure, terms of reference and operations.
  • Considers for review or recommendation any other matter properly referred to the committee by the Board.
  • Prepares the slate of Board candidates for the Annual General Meeting.
  • Defines the annual reporting processes for the Executive Director and Business Manager.
  • Reviews bylaws and recommends updates as required.

Committee membership includes the Secretary, Past Chair, two Board members, the Executive Director (Ex-Officio and Support) and the Business Manager. The committee is usually chaired by the Secretary.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee:

  • Reviews and develops HR policies for Board approval.
  • Oversees performance evaluation of the Executive Director.
  • Recommends to the Board compensation for the Executive Director.
  • Develops HR policies and defines annual reporting processes for the Executive Director and Business Manager, for consideration by the Board.

Committee membership includes the officers of the Board with support from the Business Manager (Ex-Officio and Support).

Finance and Audit

The Finance and Audit Committee:

  • Oversees the financial reporting process and internal controls including:
    • The integrity of the financial statements
    • The rigour of the budgeting process
    • The independence, qualifications and performance of the independent auditors
    • The assessment of the internal controls
  • Presents the financial reports at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Recommends to the Board at the Annual General Meeting the appointment of the external auditors.

Committee membership includes the Treasurer, Past Treasurer, up to two Board members and the Executive Director (Ex-Officio and Support). Additional Board members or other resources may be added as needed and with the approval of the Board.