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CUCCIO represents more than 75 universities across Canada, serving over 90% of Canada’s university students.

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CUCCIO is an incorporated, federal not-for-profit organization managed by a professional Executive Director and Business Manager, and governed by a Board of Directors of no fewer than 10 directors elected from the membership.

The Governance and Nominations Committee ensures balanced representation on the Board by encouraging the nomination of representatives from across the membership.

The Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Directors serve a three-year term and are responsible for managing the property and business of CUCCIO. Officers are appointed by the Directors. The Executive Committee, composed of the Officers of the Board and three support positions:

  • Acts with the authority of the Board in areas expressly delegated.
  • Ensures effective implementation of CUCCIO's policies and programs as established by the Board.
  • Oversees the operational and administrative elements of CUCCIO to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Provides a framework for strategic planning, evaluation and assessment of outcomes for the Board.

Standing Committees are accountable to the Board, consider matters that fall within their specific areas of responsibility, and bring recommendations to the Board for decision.

The bylaws regulate the business of CUCCIO.