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Each year CUCCIO recognizes individuals, groups or specific projects that promote innovation, collaboration and community building in Canada’s higher education IT community through the presentation of the CUCCIO Awards for Innovation, Collaboration and Community Building.

The 2017 Innovation Award was awarded to the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) for its project to enhance business continuity through the application of Docker containerization technology. 

“We loved the award, it really shows that the CUCCIO members that made the selection have a deep understanding of technology because our project was incredibly cutting edge and not well understood in the industry at the time. It really serves to put some credibility around containerization technologies and systems architecture, making it easier to get vendor support and establish collaboration in higher education,” noted Senior Database Administrator Trevor Fuson of UNBC.

Recognizing initiatives that promote collaboration within the higher education IT sector, the Share IT project recognized 18 of Alberta's 26 post-secondary institutions working together to establish a framework for creating a shared services organization between institutions, campuses, faculties or departments through the presentation of the 2017 Collaboration Award.

“We were delighted and surprised to win the award. It was a great way to recognize the work of all the people involved in establishing a provincial agency. And the national recognition has also enhanced the ShareIT initiative within the province. All of us involved with ShareIT felt very honoured by the award and greatly appreciate the CUCCIO award committee for choosing us,” said Brian Stewart, Deputy CIO at the University of Alberta.

The CUCCIO Community Award recognizes an individual, group or institution whose efforts exemplify CUCCIO’s desire to build, support and enrich the higher education IT community. Unlike the innovation and collaboration awards, this award honours an institution, individual or group who has demonstrated a passion for CUCCIO’s principles of information-sharing, collaboration and knowledge creation throughout the CUCCIO community.

Rick Bunt, retired CIO from the University of Saskatchewan and former President of CUCCIO shared his feelings about receiving the 2017 Community award. “I was honoured to receive the CUCCIO Community Award in 2017 and delighted to get it at Queen’s University where I’d taken my first computer science class some 50 years earlier. Someone, probably Bo Wandschneider, put a note in the Queen’s alumni magazine and people I hadn’t seen in decades reached out after seeing it there. I’m very proud of my involvement with CUCCIO and what CUCCIO has done for the community.”

Nominations for the 2018 CUCCIO Awards is now closed. Nomination for the 2019 CUCCIO Awards will open early in 2019.