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For this year’s CANHEIT-TECC conference, our host university, Simon Fraser University (SFU), invites you to beautiful British Columbia, to the top of Burnaby mountain, for a peak above the cloud.

Held from June 18 to June 21, CANHEIT-TECC is the largest gathering of Canadian campus IT leaders and advanced research computing experts. CANHEIT-TECC offers a unique forum to explore the latest best practices, opportunities and challenges within the realm of higher education technology.

Experts, thought-leaders and change makers will converge on Burnaby Mountain to advance a shared vision for building a world-class digital infrastructure in support of teaching, learning, research and administration.

This year’s themes and topic areas will draw on security, student success, leading & partnering, data, people, and technology & trends.

For more information:

Attendance at CANHEIT is open to IT professionals working in higher education across Canada, whether or not their institution is a member of CUCCIO. For more information, please visit the CANHEIT-TECC 2018 website.

Information about past CANHEIT conferences is available in our CANHEIT archive.

  • Bo Wandschneider

    “This is a group of trusted peers and advisors. When trying to sell your ideas to others within your institution, being able to say what your peers are doing is very helpful. If you can bring CUCCIO out as an example – this is what I think, and this is what my peers are doing – that’s a big one.”

    Bo Wandschneider
    University of Toronto

  • Ghilaine Roquet Retouched

    "CUCCIO provides excellent professional development opportunities by highlighting national and international trends, and by promoting collaboration among IT leaders and staff alike. The Special Interest Groups are a perfect example. Leading IT in higher education is unique, and it’s invaluable to have such a tight-knit community with whom to share."

    Ghilaine Roquet
    McGill University

  • Blair Vessey290x167px

    "I gain value from CUCCIO in three ways: cross-Canada communications and sharing; the benefits of a common voice for IT in higher education; and collaboration through initiatives like the Canadian Access Federation. CUCCIO provides a network I can depend on."

    Blair Vessey Director
    IT Systems and Services

  • Rebecca Graham

    “CUCCIO provides great value for the money, but beyond that, it’s hard to place a value on the opportunities provided for learning from colleagues. It would be especially valuable to someone new to Canada and learning the Canadian terrain.”

    Rebecca Graham
    CIO & Chief Librarian
    University of Guelph

  • Alastair

    “It’s hard to put a dollar value on the value CUCCIO brings, but the return on investment has been way beyond the overhead. Being able to interact with and gain insights from this community is huge. It’s so beneficial to be able to ask questions and get very healthy responses that really help move things forward.”

    Alastair MacLeod
    OCAD University

  • MarkRoman

    “CUCCIO serves two key roles. It is the collective voice for Canadian university CIOs – it gives us more influence with key parties like Industry Canada, CANARIE and Compute Canada. It also provides a comprehensive listening mechanism – I can hear what 49 other CIOs are doing. Fifty brains are better than one. It allows me to do my job better.”

    Mark Roman
    Simon Fraser University

  • Kim Benoit

    “The sharing of ideas and experiences with colleagues dealing with similar issues across the country enables me to respond promptly and proactively to things that would take months to investigate in isolation. It also facilitates an invaluable learning and professional growth opportunity for our staff.”

    Kim Benoit
    Executive Director, Technology Solutions Centre
    University of Winnipeg